Hello and welcome to the PBTC website!  You will see that the 2019 season offers some exciting opportunities for the company.....
The new season progresses nicely with Spamalot well into its show week with the refreshing combo of Hayden Boxall, David Ranford and Amanda Ling injecting a lot of energy into the production - it is great fun. I’d like to remind you to book your tickets now as this will be a popular production. In one sense it is great for Monty Python lovers, in another it stands alone as a fun musical; a pastiche of different styles, colourful, high energy with many dance numbers.
If you have any doubts, come and try it - you will really enjoy it!

As announced after Christmas, A
Bunch of Amateurs is now fully cast and beginning rehearsals. With Joy Mather at the helm, this is an exciting venture in our new summer slot at Wyllyotts. This is a hugely successful comedy that (unusually) followed the film version starring Burt Reynolds and Imelda Staunton, to name but a few.

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